Sustainability Policy

Kkala is certified with the Hoteles mas Verdes Eco-label, this is the distinction that recognizes and certifies those hotels in Argentina that demonstrate sustainable management that is respectful of the environment and socially responsible with the community and with the tourist destination.

At Kkala we want to get involved with the principles of sustainable tourism, which is why we commit ourselves as a hotel establishment to respect our surroundings, environmental and socio-cultural, minimizing the negative impacts and maximizing the positive ones that said activity may cause.

To carry out our commitment, we propose and will work to achieve the following objectives:

1. Commit to complying with the principles of sustainable tourism.
2. Comply with the environmental legal standard that refers to the activities that we develop; going further whenever possible and providing some additional benefit to the hotel's environmental management.
3. Promote responsible management of our waste, to minimize the impact that these may have on the environment.
4. Promote good practices and the conscious use of the establishment's energy and water resources.
5. Train all hotel staff.
6. Generate more conscious purchasing processes, incorporating and prioritizing local producers that are friendly to the environment.
7. Encourage the enhancement of our cultural and natural heritage, informing and encouraging our visitors to know and explore our province in a conscious way.
8. Provide environmental and socio-cultural information about our activities and disseminate our Sustainable Management Policy to the people who work for the organization, customers, the general public and ensure its updating and adaptation.
9. Implement, document and maintain this policy as a framework for the establishment of our Sustainable Management Program through the corresponding objectives and goals.

We want to comply with these policies and be able to incorporate them into our work routine and also into our lives. The Hotel undertakes to allocate the corresponding resources so that each one can develop naturally and be controlled for continuous improvement.